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Woolworths expanding at Cedar Square

Not only is Fourways Mall currently undergoing a large expansion and redevelopment, but Cedar Square has announced the extension of its existing Woolworths Food store to be one of the largest in the country.

The extension will include the relocation of the existing Cubana restaurant to the upper level, and the old Fashion TV premises will now become the new Woolworths Food, including a W Café and home section.

With the project already underway, it means that a section of the parking will be affected. The affected parking area, in front of Prime Grill, is where the developers are going to be excavating the current parking level and lowering it to be in-line with the existing Woolworths Food, and creating a passage between the store and Dion Wired. This will mean ease of parking and convenience at the entrance of the new store.

During this period of development, which is anticipated to be about eight months, the centre will be offering shoppers an hour of free underground parking to alleviate the parking pressure on the upper level.

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