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Times have changed - gone are the days when people went to gym in any old t-shirt and scrappy tracksuit pants, and gone are the days when gym wear was exclusively for the gym. For a society in which multi-tasking has become the norm, there's nothing better than clothing which multi-tasks. "People don't always want to have to change before or after gym, and they don't want to go out wearing an old faded t-shirt. They want to look good all the time," says Anita de Villers, co-owner of Body Action Performance, a sports- and active-wear boutique in Cedar Square shopping centre.

Because of this need for convenience, coupled with a deepened sense of urban style, sports clothing has become street wear. "It doesn't just stop there - street wear is being designed with more ‘bling', making it ideal for going out to a restaurant or even a club," she says. "And while the clothing definitely has to look fabulous, it also has to have performance capability. When it comes to exercise, it's so much more enjoyable if you know you look good while you're doing it!

Body Action Performance is a designer label for casual street wear, and the price is matched with superior quality. Every range carries a limited number of sizes and the quality of each item is evident in the colour, cut, fit and detail. "The beauty of Body Action Performance clothing is that you can choose one or two items from each season and then easily mix and match them with clothing from previous seasons," she says. "The clothing is really good quality, so it lasts."

With winter just around the corner, shoppers will be happy to know that they can be one step ahead of the rest, as Body Action Performance already has the winter range. According to Anta, jeans and bomber jackets are still in. "Velour is also still popular and there is a lot of detail like embroidery and diamantes." The Body Action Performance collection is extensive and includes men's and women's clothing and accessories. Future plans for the brand are to introduce children's clothing, swimwear and underwear.