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Fashion casualties abound!

It was with some distress that I realised that I had committed several of the fashion faux-pas on display at the Cedar Square Ladies' Movie Night, where the theme was your biggest fashion faux pas.
Sandals with socks - to a Valentine's Ball, odd tights throughout high school and, most cringe-inducing of all, a white outfit to a wedding (not mine). The only thing for it was to have a generous glass of wine, grit my teeth and make a note of what to avoid in the future.

It is always well worth taking the time to dress according to the theme as the prizes are many and fabulous - thanks to the generosity of the evening's sponsors Jenna Cliffford, Carrol Boyes, Off Your Head, and Cedar Square. Off Your Head, Placécol and Grand Optical also provided fabulous giveaways to all the ladies.

Ciao Baby Cucina provided the delicious pizza, just what the doctor ordered to accompany your wine on a stormy evening in mid-winter. Then host, Kate Turkington, came up with some pearlers such as, "I may have to sell my body... It is the experience I am offering." And, "For the first time in my entire life I am living alone - it is wonderful. My staffi doesn't provide the same level of intellectual debate as my late husband, but I think he loves me more."

The featured movie was the romantic costume drama, The Young Victoria. Next month's event will take place on Thursday, 16 July and the theme is "Bling it On."

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