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On Sunday, 21 June Cedar Square hosted the Intercoiffure charity 2009 Cut-A-Thon in aid of Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre.

From 10h00 the Jenna Clifford court was abuzz with activity as the Intercoiffure stylists gave of their time freely to cut supporters' hair for just about nothing. All proceeds (R50 for gents and kiddies, and R60 for the ladies) went to Wet Nose. In total we raised over R8,300 - a big thank you to everyone who contributed!

Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre (

Wet Nose is a "Right to Life" animal shelter which was started in 1999, with the aim of giving abandoned, abused and neglected animals a second chance. Animals in their care are not put to sleep, but looked after, fed, medicated and loved until a new loving home is found for them; no matter how long it takes!

Wet Nose receives no government funding and relies solely on public donations to continue saving and re-homing animals on a daily basis. Many of the animals at Wet Nose have been hurt by their experiences, so the staff often have to spend time helping them overcome the problems they've developed as a result of abuse.

The Wet Nose vets treat animals against disease and sterilise all the animals in order to prevent indiscriminate breeding. Kennel hands provide everything from meals to cuddles, and our many volunteers take the dogs for long walks!

One little "brakkie" who had been shot had the bullet lodged in her leg for at least four months...The owner nick-named her Bullet and left her to suffer! After this dog was confiscated in March 2009, her leg had to be amputated. She received intensive treatment for severe infection and is now recovering at Wet Nose. Her psychological scars are however a lot more serious than her physical scars, and the staff at Wet Nose are working very hard at helping her to trust humans again.

But most heartwarming of all was when supporters were treated to a special guest appearance by Braveheart on Sunday. Braveheart is a 5 and a half year old Irish Setter who was doused with boiling cooking oil and subsequently lost a great deal of his fur and skin, and his ears were cut off. He was spotted by one of the Wet Nose inspectors who was on an investigation in a squatter camp, quietly wandering around. Although he was wary, he'd been so badly abused and burnt by burning oil he was not aggressive and came willingly when the Inspector called him.

At the shelter he stood passively while he was cleaned. Remarkably whilst he had no hair left around the eyes, his eyes were clear and seemed fine. A few weeks later and his coat has definitely improved although he still bears many scars. He has miraculously made a full recovery and is a surprisingly placid, friendly and loving in nature. Braveheart has an independent nature, he probably hasn't had much affection or any chance to bond with someone. But dogs are wonderfully forgiving and given time, care and affection, Braveheart could prove to be a great friend and companion. Braveheart has recently developed a passion for Chelsea buns. He gently puts his paw on your knee to ask for a piece - how can one resist such a request?

A Word on Intercoiffure
The Intercoiffure group is an international organisation with the Head Office in Paris and over 50 member countries.
Membership to the group is by invitation and to salons who excel. A world congress is held every 4 years with all member countries coming together to show work, discuss latest trends, fashion, techniques, styles and products and thus keep their members on the cutting edge.
The South Africa group regularly gets invited to take part in hair and fashion shows, and fashion shoots for leading magazines.
The Young Inter Coiffure Division (YICD) South Africa is the division for up and coming stylists with continuous training provided both locally and internationally. YICD holds fundraisers for charity organisations on a yearly basis with all the money generated donated to the particular charity of choice.