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Show us your Poker Face!

The poker table has often been compared to the boardroom table; the only difference being its shape, according to former world champion poker player, Bobby Baldwin. If so, an intriguing glimpse of varied business styles was on display at Live Out Loud's entertaining poker evening, hosted by Cofi at Cedar Square on Thursday, July 09.

Some were rather reckless - throwing in all their chips with flushed cheeks, only to be knocked out almost immediately. Other players joked more than they   played and then there were also quiet hustlers.

The beauty of the game is the bluff and there were some startling examples of successful hoodwinking, such as when Alan Coghlan went all in. He had the worst hand at the table but somehow claimed the pot.

But it was the cool-headed Daniel Collett who triumphed with his focused attitude to the game. Even when opponent Darryl van Vrede had a considerable larger portion of the chips, Collett never gave up and clawed his way to victory.