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In vino veritas

Bring together a selection of fine wines, and guests who aren't afraid to let their hair down, and you have the ingredients for a great night out.
Particularly if you choose the sophisticated ambience of The Central Grill's upstairs private dining room at Cedar Square.

Dave Moss, of Elbows Up, hosted a wine tasting for guests of 3 Fifteen, which also included some Belgian style, home-brewed beer and samples of deli specialities. The first few drinks slipped down easily, leading to some honest, and intriguing, feedback.
Such as, "I don't like this wine, but I have an almost morbid fascination that makes me keep sipping it." Or, of the home-brewed beer, "It doesn't taste 'gugghh', like other beer does."

Several glasses down, conversation moved to the pondering of life's mysteries, such as: Does SA stand for 'sex appeal', or 'shit attitude', what took place on Laurent Leclercq's desk and inevitably, was Dave Fincham, aka Bob, an undercover flasher?