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Guests enjoyed a morning learning about organic gardening, how to grow vegetables and plant summer colours at Bangkok Wok, Cedar Square on Wednesday, 23 September.

Peter Goodwin, owner of Peebles Plants, spoke on the planting of summer colours. He shared his wealth of knowledge regarding seedlings and perennials stemming from 20 years in the industry. Peebles Plants is a grower of annuals and perennials and specialises in colouring retail nurseries and gardens large and small. Peter's passions are people and plants and how to mix the two together.

Rosemary Jansen was the other guest speaker for the morning. In 1980 she started working as a sales representative in the nursery trade. Over the years she became involved with the training of staff in fertilisers and insecticides.

In 2004, after seeing the damage that chemical products do to our environment, Rosemary wanted to make a difference in the world. She decided it was time to educate people about how they could be healthier and reduce their carbon footprint. With this aim in mind, she joined a company called Talborne Organics.

In 2007, Garden Palette (trading as Earth Buddies) was formed and started to promote a more organic way of gardening.

Today, Earth Buddies' ( main services are:
- selling certified organic fertilisers and pesticides and training in their use
- talks and workshops on organic gardening, how to use pesticides responsibly, how to improve your soil and how to encourage wildlife into your garden
- waste management with the use of worms
- sales of and information about Red Wriggler (Eisenia foetida) worms and worm farms
- sales of bird feeders