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Cedar Square Sky Dining Media Lift

Looking for an evening of fine dining with a rush of adrenalin thrown in? Sky Dining at Cedar Square is the answer for adrenaline junkies and food connoisseurs alike.

Suspended at a height of 50m above the ground, guests can enjoy a breathtaking view of the northern suburbs and a gourmet meal prepared by Ciao Baby Cucina.  The 22 seater table is hoisted into the sky by a 5 tonne crane and hovers in the air while guests enjoy a well prepared feast. If a table suspended in the air is not enough for you...each seat is able to rotate 180 degrees in the air - ensuring a never to be forgotten experience.

"Cedar Square is synonymous with providing excellent entertainment and exceptional food so we believe Sky Dining is the perfect addition to Cedar Square," explains Fourways Precinct Communications Executive Gayle Crow.

There are a number of lift options to choose from including a breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner lift and the table is available to hire out for corporate events, team building and product launches. The full menu and all booking information is available at - but book early as seats are selling out fast. Queries can also be directed to Hilary Elmira, 084 449 6040 or