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Kelly Rowland Visits Cedar Square to Launch Documentary

Kelly Rowland, American pop star and member of the popular group Destiny's Child, recently visited South Africa to promote the release of her one-hour documentary, The Diary of Kelly Rowland. Working with Oprah Winfrey to compile this documentary, the film chronicles Kelly's visits to various HIV Awareness and Aids Programmes that the Staying Alive Foundation funds, and aims to raise awareness for World Aids Day on 01 December.

We were very proud to welcome Kelly to Cinema Nouveau Cedar Square on Monday, 24 November for a press screening of the film, and to meet this wonderful and humble international celebrity who is focussed on raising awareness of HIV/Aids. After the press screening, Kelly discussed snippets from the one-hour documentary which was produced and directed for the MTV STAYING ALIVE FOUNDATION. All of the founders of these organisations are under the ages of 24 and have started their organisations without the assistance of sponsorships.

Additional info:
Kelly attended the OWLAG (Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy) Leadership Conference in South Africa from 24-25 November. Among the speakers were Oprah Winfrey and Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maaathi. Kelly was the opening speaker of this conference which concentrated on empowering young people to begin grassroots projects to help their local communities.