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Frangipani Decor Talk with Builders Express

Frangipani's monthly Décor Talks have entertained, enlightened and excited customers on various aspects of creative design within the home... from creating focal points to choosing spot-on colour schemes and everything fashionable in-between.

Our selection of creative speakers always ensures that you get experts in every field who are ready and willing to share a wealth of knowledge every month. Whether you want to bring your "décor challenge" and get professional advice, or whether you want to be referred to the best service provider in a particular field, this is where you'll get all the answers.

Upcoming Décor Talks will include specialist advice on, amongst other, upholstery, renewable energy, choosing a decorator, Spring Splendour - decorating with pots, a Classy Christmas and much more. And those expecting an expansion of the family don't miss celebrity Kamo Thlapi, featured in the August issue of House & Leisure. Kamo will be presenting Frangipani's Décor Talk on 4 August, giving you trendy ideas on baby, toddler & teenage décor.

Send an email to to request an invitation to our Décor Talks. Looking forward to seeing you there!