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A new type of market has come to Cedar Square, and night owls will enjoy it.

The Stall Night Market provides a niche place for food and wine vendors to show off their wares and for Fourways residents to spend a night out experiencing interesting street-food options, craft beer and live music.

Although the market was established in 2013, it was only launched at Cedar Square on 15 September this year and is the first of its kind in the area. “About 30 to 32 vendors have a space here,” said Angela Pereira, marketing manager for Cedar Square. “It’s aimed at creating a platform for small business owners who have something exciting and fresh to bring to consumers.”

The market is set up in the parking area outside the Cedar Square Shopping Centre every third Thursday of the month and is open from 5pm until 9pm.

“We’re just here having something nice to drink on an evening out,” said Keith Liebenberg, a Fourways resident, who attended the Stall Night Market’s inaugural night with his daughter and some family friends.

“Although I think it’s amazing how they had a brand-new market right here for Tammy,” he said jokingly, referring to the fact that it was also his companion’s birthday.

The next date that the Stall Night Market will be open is 20 October.

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